of your pets

for the welfare


Tail Us guarantees the insured pet the best medical treatment in the event of an accident or illness, as well as a complete range of services in terms of food, travel and wellness.

Our operations center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year serviced by our multilingual staff who will guide you to the relevant partner.

A complete offer for the welfare of your insured pets

Service Provider

We offer your customers the highest standards of assistance in the following areas:

Veterinary visits in clinic or at home
Diagnostic and laboratory tests
Surgical interventions
Veterinary rehabilitation
Organization of transportation to the veterinary center
Pet sitter

Funeral and Cremation
Funeral and Cremation
Pet shops
Purchase of medicines (agreements with specialized pharmacies)
Veterinary conciergerie (a personal consultant available 24/7 for all the above mentioned services)


Direct payment service and reimbursement of veterinary expenses.
Tail Us follows the procedures for the reimbursement of veterinary expenses against the stipulation of an insurance policy that covers civil liability for damage caused to third parties and / or health coverage, within the limits of the insurance plan and the operation of the policy itself. As a TPA, it provides its own operations center 24/7 and administrative back office, as well as its own online services.

Damage to third parties
Surgery due to illness or injury
Exams and diagnostic tests
Veterinary medical services

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